Investors Residence Permits

  • A person who wishes to establish a business in Zimbabwe by investing offshore capita and equipment to the sum of US$100 000 in a joint venture with a local or
  • A technical expert who (who will have worked in Zimbabwe on a valid work permit for a period of not less than 5 years and has invested not less than US$100 000.00 or
  • A person who invests US$` 000 000.00 (One million) and above.
  • NB. The investment thresholds are subject to change on review.



  • Fully completed Residence Permit application forms in duplicate.
  • A written application letter by the prospective investor stating the project proposal
  • Zimbabwe Investment Authority certificate of approval.
  • Certificate of incorporation form the Registrar of Companies.
  • Local bank statement for the funds transferred.
  • Bill of lading or Customs clearance papers for the importation of capital equipment.
  • Permit can be processed within fourteen normal working days after, submission of the application.