Permanent Residence


1.     Letter addressed to the Chief Director of Immigration, requesting for issuance of permit

2.     Support letter from;

-         local spouse (for applicants on spouse permits)

-         employer (for applicants on ordinary residence on basis of employment)

-         guarantor (for applicants on ordinary residence)

3.     Proof of continuous residence (5 years)

4.     Copy of current permit

5.     Lease agreement/deed of transfer if applicable

6.     Local Police clearance (not older than six months)

7.     Statutory fee $500 non-refundable



-         Copies of all documents to be sufficiently authenticated, those from outside Zimbabwe are to be notarized in the prescribed manner whilst those from within may be certified by commissioners of oaths

-         All translations to be in English and the copies of original documents to be tendered

-         Translations to be done by reputable  institutions (preferably government entities)