•       A person who has resided or lived in Zimbabwe for a continuous period o five years on a residence permit or on a dependant residence permit is eligible for permanent residence application. However, this does not apply to a holder of a Temporary Employment Permit.
  •       Employees of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), those on Government to government agreement contracts and on Diplomatic posting, do not qualify for permanent residence regardless of having lived in Zimbabwe for a continuous period of five years or more.
  •         Expatriates working for the Government must have their applications supported by the line Ministry.


  •             A permanent resident who has been absent from Zimbabwe for a continuous period not exceeding five years may apply for resumption of residence.
  •         Proof of previous lawful residence and evidence of financial means should be supplied.


  •         A non refundable statutory fee of US$500.00 on submission of application.
  •             Applications are not considered while applicants are in the country.
  •        Two passport size photographs certified true likeness of applicant are required in all cases.
  •            In the case of married couples, divorcees and widows, marriage, divorce and death certificates are required respectively.
  •        A valid Radiological Certificate confirming applicant is free from active pulmonary tuberculosis is required.

NB: All requisite documents are to be submitted in duplicate.