Temporary Employment Permit

This is an authority given by the Department of Immigration to foreigners to work for an organization or company registered in Zimbabwe.

NB: For the purpose of a Temporary Employment Permit, work means any activity (paid or unpaid) but, in the interest of any business undertaking operating in Zimbabwe.

 Specialized Areas

  • Professionals offering scarce skills which are not readily available in Zimbabwe
  • Journalists on assignments
  • Short term Temporary Employment Permits (6 months) for personnel on short contracts
  • Foreign Researchers – who must, in the first instance, be cleared by the Research Council of Zimbabwe.


The employer lodges an application to engage a foreign national to the Principal Director with the following:

  • A non-refundable statutory fee of US$500.00
  • Residence Permit Application forms completed by applicant.
  • Letter of offer of employment in Zimbabwe by the prospective employer indicating the capacity in which applicant is to be employed and salary and conditions of service.
  • Letter from the prospective employer requesting a Temporary Employment Permit stating the period required.
  • Documentary evidence in English of qualifications and experience in the proposed occupation i.e. certified copies of degrees, diplomas, certificates and testimonials.
  • Two recently taken full face passport size photos of the applicant. (Both to be certified at the back as a true likeness of the applicant).
  • Certified copies of Birth Certificate.
  • Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable).