Clients' Charter

The Department of Immigration’s main preoccupation is the facilitation of entry into and departure of people from Zimbabwe.


           Man all border posts with adequately trained officers

  •           Clear bonafide travellers courteously and politely within 3 minutes of arrival at the officer’s desk and within a minute of arrival at the officer’s desk at points where there are computers.

We will process:

          Visa application within 7 days

  •           Urgent visas within 24 hours
  •           Investor Residence Permits within 6 weeks
  •          Scholars’ and Students’ permits within 14 days
  •          Acknowledge complaints within 7 days and conduct thorough investigations and furnish a response within 30 days.
  •           Deport prohibited persons within 14 days of apprehension and/or of a prohibition order being made.
  •           Carry out Diplomatic accreditation within 7 days.
  •            Locate suggestion boxes at all entry/exit points and other strategic and convenient public places.

 We will answer:

          Telephone calls, courteously within 3 rings.

  •           All correspondence within 7 days and if this is not possible, send an acknowledgement within this period


The core business of the Department is to provide service at all airports and border posts and to implement the provisions of the Immigration Act chapter 4:02 1996 Revised Edition.  We have a duty not only to the traveling public, but also those who are seeking authority to stay, and to the other agencies with whom we co-exist.  In addition,w e will enforce the Immigration laws, taking appropriate action against those who have no entitlement to remain.  This is important and transparent work, which we must approach in a fair but firm manner.